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Yes, that is a picture of Jonny Lang playing in Egg Harbor

Jonny Lang

The Peg Egan Center just started its 7th year as a performing arts venue in Egg Harbor, and this year we decided to do it “Egg Harbor Style!”  Yup, Jonny Lang, outside on a Sunday night, all for free.  And what a show it was!  Amazing!  A few people showed up, too!

Peg Egan crowd

When you come up to Door County, check out the performances.  They are on Sunday night, always free, bring your own food and beverages


June 29 The Nylons

July 6 Jimmy LaFave Band

July 13 Peg Egan Fol Festival

July 20 Switchback

July 27 Flamenco Night

August 3 Daley and Vincent

August 10 The Birch Creek Jazz Orchestra

August 17 Todd Weeks and Adawa

Opening Day 2014!

Well, the winter vacation is over!  Yup, April 25 and I’m here waiting for you to come on up.  It’s a beautiful day (finally), and businesses are opening all across the County.  Betty and Lori are cleaning your room right now, so make that reservation at www.lullabi-inn.com

See you soon!

Mojo rosas lunch in egg harbor

Sorry for the picture of the half eaten food,  bit this I s what remains
of lunch at mojos.  Really good…two steak tacos and chips $6!  Check it out…


Mr. Helsinki…how could I have missed this?

Mr. Helsinki

How could I have missed Mr. Helsinki after all these years?  Nestled above the Fish Creek market between Bayside and Summertime I have certainly walked past it enough!  A friend of mine kept telling me I had to try it, and last week I finally did.  I had this:

Tuna Tataki
Ahi tuna steak seared with shiitake mushrooms in our ginger-orange-soy marinade.
Served with sautéed asparagus
Add a couple of glasses of great pinot noir and it was a memorable dinner!
So, i decided to try it again, and last night I had:
Red Chili Beef
Grilled Angus “Baseball Cut” sirloin marinated our own Thai red chili sauce and served over sautéed vegetables.
Both dinners were excellent, lots of flavor!  This is definitely a find! 
 Here is the link to their site where they have full menus posted Mr. Helsinki

Mr. Helsinki Sign

Door county color…



Here’s just a quick post from the phone this morning. This is across the street from the Lullabi. Great color, peak is this week.

Koepsel’s Farm Market

Koepsel's   koepsel's  koepsel's

So, things have quieted down a bit here at the Lull-Abi Inn, so I have some time to get back to blogging about some interesting places in Door County.  While I am typing this I am also munching on a jar of pickled asparagus from Koepsel’s Farm Market.  Wow!  What a find!  I’ve never been to Koepsel’s because, like me, they are seasonal.  But today I had an errand up there (Hwy 57 north end of Bailey’s Harbor…way north end) and I stopped in to visit my friend Corrina, who is part of the family that owns this market.

I was stunned at the variety!  This is no minor undertaking here!  A great beer selection, bakery, cheese counter, preserves, salsas, and on and on.  I left with a jar of pickled asparagus, clover honey, cherry honey mustard dip (thinkin’ that might be good for pork chops) and a bag of pretzels.

Be sure to visit Koepsel’s on your next trip!   And…you can shop online! http://www.koepsels.com/index.html

Autumn weather, autumn guests


It’s settling down just a bit in door county. While we are still awfully busy, the pace has slowed. The weather is cooler and the regular guests of autumn are coming in every day. Ahhh! The picture is just a random snapshot from my office to show you how beautiful it is today in Door County. Make your fall reservations now! See you soon!

So what is it?

This is a picture of some of the new hardware for the new high speed internet at the Lull-Abi Inn!  Yup, we have a few of these white antennas wired directly to the router in the office.  What that means is no more wandering around looking for the best signal from the repeaters.  And, speed is the same in room 29 as it is in room 1!

Many thanks to my buddy Steve who helped design it and got it up and running.

Be sure to try it out on your next trip to Door County!

Another restaurant promo for Lull-Abi guests!

My friends Kyle and Faye  own the Peninsula Pub at the corner of Co RD E and A (halfway to Baileys Harbor) and they have great food!  Having heard of the other offers for Lull-Abi guests, they decided to join in!  After much long negotiation, here it is- Stop in at the Pen Pub and get a free order of fried sweet corn all buttery and with Cajun seasoning…Yumm!  

Just bring in your Lull-Abi Inn coupon which you get by making a reservation here Reservations

The Lull-Abi Inn has a new video!!

And it’s starring me!

Check it out HERE!